Petrol Station

In a bid to ensure that it provides quality, unadulterated fuel, the Sacco has partnered with Vivo Energy, formerly Kenya Shell, who, on a dealership basis supplies fuel and lubricants for sale to the customers at the Sacco’s Nyeri Mugumo service station. Other services offered at the highest standards are



  • Refueling vehicles
  • Motor vehicle oil change (free after oil purchase at the site)
  • Vehicle greasing
  • Tyre puncture repair, alignment, caber, and wheel balancing
  • Car and carpet wash
  • Loyalty program (Earn redeemable points for every purchase)


  • Fuel – Vpower, Diesel and Super
  • Lubricants for both Diesel and Super Vehicles and Motorbikes. They range from 1000km-10000km Synthetic and fully synthetic lubes inclusive.
  • Tyres
  • Filters
  • Gas 6 & 13 KG refill (Brand – Afrigas only)
  • Soft drinks (Clean branded drinking water, Sodas, and Healthy fruit juice)

At Karatina, the Sacco also offers this quality fuel and lubricants as well as vehicle service, tyre clinic services, and tyre sales at the 2NK Karatina service station, branded by vivo energy. Due to these quality services, the stations have gained popularity among our customers.

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Our Contacts

Head Office,

Kangaru Corner House,


0721 374 310


2NK Sacco Parcel office numbers
NAIROBI                   0706235260
KARATINA                0706235258
THIKA                        0708803813
NAKURU                   0706235263
NYERI                        0702069141
NYAHURURU           0711360900
NANYUKI                0711360722
KERUGOYA            0711360724
NAIVASHA             0768605988
OTHAYA                  0711360907
ELDORET               0706235261