2NK SACCO has been able to associate with the communities within the region of the operation through participation in activities that promote good co-existence and assistance to the underprivileged.

2NK Sacco’s contribution to transforming society is immense. The Sacco has taken it as a duty to see it as its duty to see it has well-guided programs that will benefit communities in all areas it operates.

Recently Sacco teamed up with Safaricom Limited in cheering the Allomano Special School for the Mentally Handicap as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Indeed Sacco is looking forward to partnering with other institutions offering care to people with special needs.

We are Social

Our Contacts

Head Office,

Kangaru Corner House,


0721 374 310

 info@ 2nksacco.co.ke

2NK Sacco Parcel office numbers
NAIROBI                   0706235260
KARATINA                0706235258
THIKA                        0708803813
NAKURU                   0706235263
NYERI                        0702069141
NYAHURURU           0711360900
NANYUKI                0711360722
KERUGOYA            0711360724
NAIVASHA             0768605988
OTHAYA                  0711360907
ELDORET               0706235261