2NK SACCO is a transport-based Sacco with its headquarters located in Nyeri town. The SACCO has gained popularity in various parts of the country for its efficient service transport in ordinary fourteen-capacity vans, Executive – shuttles, and parcel Delivery.

The Sacco Vehicles offers daily trips to the capital city Nairobi from major towns among them  Nyeri, Karatina, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika and Nanyuki.

Some of Our Products


This far, the Sacco prides itself in a fleet of well over six hundred low-capacity vehicles, being both fourteen-passenger seaters and 11-seaters. These are drawn from the membership, drawn from all over the country.

While the fourteen seater capacity vehicles are very popular among our customers, the Sacco has gone a step further to provide variety to the customers so that those willing to pay a premium price for their comfort have their preferences taken care of. The Sacco also has two vans in the fleet that it wholly runs to safeguard the interests of the entire membership.


The lorry tanker started operating in January 2005. The tanker offers services to the SACCO petrol stations. This has ensured reliability and timely fuel deliveries to the stations.


2NK SACCO offers reliable services within Kenya (NYERI-KARATINA -NAIROBI -NAKURU-THIKA -NYAHURURU-ELDORET-MOMBASA). 2NK Sacco Courier Ltd takes a proactive approach towards business; believe that our integrity, dedication, competitive rates, and superior customer service set the standards for others in our industry. We have become the preferred courier to many businesses and individuals.

At 2NK Sacco we pride ourselves on personalized service and our commitment to our customers. 2NK SACCO offers an extensive list of transportation choices to better serve our customer’s needs.

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Our Contacts

Head Office,

Kangaru Corner House,


0721 374 310

 info@ 2nksacco.co.ke

2NK Sacco Parcel office numbers
NAIROBI                   0706235260
KARATINA                0706235258
THIKA                        0708803813
NAKURU                   0706235263
NYERI                        0702069141
NYAHURURU           0711360900
NANYUKI                0711360722
KERUGOYA            0711360724
NAIVASHA             0768605988
OTHAYA                  0711360907
ELDORET               0706235261