Our Vision and Mission

2NK SACCO is a transport based SACCO with its headquarters located in Nyeri Town. The SACCO has gained popularities in various parts of the country for its efficient service transport both ordinary fourteen capacity vans and executive – (shutles) and parcel deliveries.

The SACCO vehicle offers daily trips to the capital city of Nairobi from major towns among them Nyeri, Karatina, Kerugoya, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika and Nanyuki, Kitale, Kisii, and Bungoma.

The SACCO was formed in 1994 by matatu owners from Nyeri and Karatina at a time when the Matatu industry was known for its notoriety. With the zeal to streamline the operations and instill discipline a group of Matatu owners pursed the incorporation and registration of 2NK SACCO IN 1994 UNDER THE COOPERATIVES SOCIETY Act cap 490.

The SACCO has upheld its core objectives of savings mobilization for owned landing at affordable rates to enable members engage in their businesses profitable and improve their lively hood.

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Our Contacts

Head Office,

Kangaru Corner House,


0721 374 310

 info@ 2nksacco.co.ke

2NK Sacco Parcel office numbers
NAIROBI                   0706235260
KARATINA                0706235258
THIKA                        0708803813
NAKURU                   0706235263
NYERI                        0702069141
NYAHURURU           0711360900
NANYUKI                0711360722
KERUGOYA            0711360724
NAIVASHA             0768605988
OTHAYA                  0711360907
ELDORET               0706235261